BRAVE Apparel is dedicated to promoting BRAVE living.

“Nobody likes to be afraid or cowardly.  Universally we all desire to be BRAVE. That’s because we were created to be BRAVE. My goal with BRAVE is to remind us all to embrace our God given right and responsibility to live BRAVE in every dimension of life.”

-Ikeya Sade, Founder

Ikeya started BRAVE Apparel with the desire to encourage herself and others to use moments of fear as opportunities to see the power of God and grow in radical faith.  “I define BRAVE Living as living in agreement with God and being our authentic self, no matter the consequence. Simply doing what God says, when God says, the way God says. Living BRAVE is all about us being who God created us to be, in a world that attempts to make us other than. When we are BRAVE, God gets the glory.  Ultimately, my prayer is that BRAVE is the catalyst to a community of generational planet-shakers who aren’t afraid to be different. A community of those who inspire and invade their spheres of influence with the light and love of Christ.  Of course, I love the BRAVE clothes, but this really is not simply about the apparel.  It’s about living a lifestyle, making impact, creating a culture.  A BRAVE culture.  As we find identity in Christ we live a life of freedom, authenticity and authority, through Him. “

BRAVE is committed to impacting culture, by creating a culture of excellence, that fuses Fashion, Art, Media, and Education together as tools to un-apologetically and creatively share the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ and make disciples.  We strive not only to deliver an outstanding product but we seek to provide services and an experience that excites and exceeds the expectations of our customers.  “Everytime you engage BRAVE or put on a BRAVE piece, I desire for two things to happen. First, that you would be reminded that through Christ, you can live victoriously everyday. Second, I want you be excited about your purchase all over again.” Says Founder, Ikeya Sade. “We look forward to building with you, our customers- who we consider family- and we aim to continue making high quality, classic and trendy, pieces available to you for years to come!”